What is Loss Bonus?

What is Loss Bonus?

Loss bonus is a type of promotion encountered by users, especially on online betting and casino sites. Essentially, it offers the user the right to get back a percentage of their net losses over a specified period. This is a feature that sites offer to their users as a form of consolation or encouragement. Here is a detailed review about the loss bonus:

Purpose of Loss Bonus

  1. Customer Loyalty: Can help prevent users from leaving the platform after a negative experience.
  2. More Gaming Incentive: Loss bonus can encourage users to play more or stay on the platform.
  3. Balancing Negative Experience: Can help alleviate the negativity experienced by the user.

How Does It Work?

  • If a user experiences a net loss over a certain period of time (for example, a week or a month), the platform may refund a percentage of that loss to the user.
  • For example, if a site offers a 10% churn bonus and a user netted $100 lost that week, the user would be given a $10 bonus.
  • This bonus is usually not given in real money; Instead, it may be given as site credit or other bonuses that can be used for betting.


  1. Risk Reduction: The user's ability to recover some of his losses can reduce his total risk.
  2. Incentive: The loss bonus can encourage users to spend more time on the platform.
  3. More Value: Allows users to get more value on the platform by offering them another chance or trial opportunity.

Possible Disadvantages and Risks

  1. Can Be Misleading: The loss bonus can sometimes encourage users to take more risks or deposit more money.
  2. Wandering Conditions: These types of bonuses are usually subject to certain wagering conditions. This includes the conditions on how the bonus can be used and when it can be withdrawn.
  3. Restrictions: There may be restrictions on the games or bets on which the bonus will be used.
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